Monday, December 7, 2009

Video Game Review: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Well here it is, my first video game review! After months and months of anticipation, the newest installment of Call of Duty is finally here! And whether this is your first tour of duty or you’re a hardened veteran this video game will not disappoint. So let’s hop right into the heat of battle.

From the start you’ll notice this game is different from its predecessors. New to the game is Spec Ops which involves completing objective based scenarios. Those that played Modern Warfare might remember the “Mile High Club” mission that was unlocked after completing the game. Play alone or with a friend via split screen or online and tactically maneuver through missions, unlocking harder levels as you progress. Although it’s fun alone, Spec Ops is definitely geared to two person play so grab a friend. The gameplay is addicting and will keep you entertained for hours as you move from scenario to scenario.

Returning from previous games is the always intense single player campaign. The single player experience is jaw dropping. Right from the beginning its full throttle as you’re sent from one exotic locale to another. The scenery is breathtaking and you’ll appreciate the great detail that went into it whether it’s the blizzard like conditions in Kazakhstan or the sun beaten terrain of Afghanistan. As the story unfolds expect to be taken for a wild ride full of twists and turns right till the very end. Unfortunately that end will come sooner than expected as the campaign is quite short. Look to complete it in about 4 hours on normal difficulty. Nonetheless it still manages to pull you in and give you the feel of battle with the realistic looks and sounds of war.

Last but not least, the ever competitive multiplayer has gotten an overhaul and is chock-full of goodies. While still maintaining the same style as Modern Warfare there’s plenty more to get into. New weaponry has been added to the arsenal like the FAMAS and UMP .45. And there are plenty of attachments to complement the weapons including heartbeat sensor and thermal scope. Perks are back and better than ever with many new perks being introduced with familiar ones from the first game. Kill streaks have been redesigned and are more powerful along with new death streaks designed to give you a boost when things aren't quite going your way. The battlefield has been leveled with every tactic having a counter to it. Nothing is completely overpowering. Also making its way into the game is customizable titles and emblems to give each player their own unique callsign. A great amount of work has been put into multiplayer and it shows which will keep you playing from rank 1 to 10th prestige.

All in all this video game is a complete package with something for everyone. Prepare to spend hours trying to complete everything possible in this game. It looks as if Infinity Ward as done it again and created a game well worth the price. No video game collection should be without Modern Warfare 2.

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